Group Members


Maik Tretbar

Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany
maik.tretbar [ at ]
Leipzig University - Bruederstrasse 34

Research Interests:

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Method Development (Catalysis)
  • NMR structure determination
  • X-ray crystallography of small molecules

Synthesis of small molecules developing a pipeline of selective inhibitors aimed by regulation of DNA expression. Natural product isolation of antimicrobial compounds, structural characterization, and their selective oxo-functionalization to improve solubility and bioactivtiy against antibiotic resistant bacteria. Synthesis of biopharmaceutical products including the implementation of catalytic methods to approach new scaffolds. The Medicinal Synthetic Chemistry Core is part of the new institute and responsible for the synthesis of potentially bio-active compounds based on the computational results predicting a high binding affinity to the proteins' active sites. Large-scale synthesis of organic compounds, development of valid analytics based on GC-MS (FID), HPLC-DAD and structure determination via NMR-spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography.



Organic Chemistry I:This course (11-PHA-0201) introduces students to the chemistry of carbon-containing compounds. Organic chemistry is at the heart of biology and medicine: pharmaceuticals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and DNA are all organic compounds.

Organic Chemistry II: Chemistry of carbon & its importance to biological molecules (11-PHA-0301). Topics include current ideas of bonding & structure, reaction mechanisms, a discussion of the analytical tools used to determine the structure and stereochem. of organic compounds (IR, NMR).


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