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Nils Woetzel

Former Graduate Student

B.S., University of Leipzig
nilswoetzel [ at ]

Research Interests:

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Lindert, S.;Staritzbichler, R.; Woetzel, N.; Karakas, M.; Stewart, P. L.; Meiler, J.
EM-fold: De novo folding of alpha-helical proteins guided by intermediate-resolution electron microscopy density maps (2009) Structure

Karakas, M.;Woetzel, N.; Meiler, J.
BCL::contact-low confidence fold recognition hits boost protein contact prediction and de novo structure determination (2010) J. Comput. Biol.

Durham, E.;Dorr, B., Woetzel, N., Staritzbichler, R., Meiler, J.
Solvent accessible surface area approximations for rapid and accurate protein structure prediction (2009) J. Mol. Model.

Nils Woetzel;Steffen Lindert, Phoebe L. Stewart, Jens Meiler
BCL::EM-Fit: Rigid body fitting of atomic structures into density maps using geometric hashing and real space refinement (2011) Journal of Structural Biology

Nathan Alexander;Nils Woetzel, Jens Meiler
Bcl::Cluster: A method for clustering biological molecules coupled with visualization in the Pymol Molecular Graphics System (2011) IEEE Conference

Edward W. Lowe, Jr.;Nils Woetzel, Jens Meiler
Poster: GPU-accelerated artificial neural network for QSAR modeling (2011) IEEE Conference

Nils Woetzel;Edward W. Lowe, Jr., Jens Meiler
Poster: GPU-accelerated rigid body fitting of atomic structures into electron density maps (2011) IEEE Conference

Julia Koehler;Nils Woetzel, Rene Staritzbichler, Charles R. Sanders, and Jens Meiler
A unified hydrophobicity scale for multispan membrane proteins (2009) Proteins

Steffen Lindert;Tommy Hofman, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, Phoebe L. Stewart, Jens Meiler
Ab initio protein modeling into cryoEM density maps using EM-Fold (2012) Biopolymers

Steffen Lindert;Nathan Alexander, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, Phoebe L. Stewart, Jens Meiler
EM-Fold: De Novo Atomic-Detail Protein Structure Determination from Medium-Resolution Density Maps (2012) Structure

Edward W. Lowe, Jr.;Mariusz Butkiewicz, Nils Woetzel, Jens Meiler
GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning Techniques Enable QSAR Modeling Of Large HTS Data (2012) Proceedings of 2012 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Computational Biology

Nils Woetzel;Mert KarakaS, Rene Staritzbichler, Ralf Mueller, Brian E. Weiner, Jens Meiler
BCL::Score-Knowledge Based Energy Potentials for Ranking Protein Models Represented by Idealized Secondary Structure Elements (2012) PLOS One

Mert Karakas;Nils Woetzel, Rene Staritzbichler, Nathan Alexander, Brian E. Weiner, Jens Meiler
BCL::Fold - De Novo Prediction of Complex and Large Protein Topologies by Assembly of Secondary Structure Elements (2012) PLOS One

Julia Koehler Leman;Ralf Mueller, Mert Karakas, Nils Woetzel, Jens Meiler
Simultaneous prediction of protein secondary structure and transmembrane spans (2013) Proteins

Brian E. Weiner;Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, Nathan Alexander, Jens Meiler
BCL::MP-Fold: Folding Membrane Proteins through Assembly of Transmembrane Helices (2013) Structure

Brian E. Weiner;Nathan Alexander, Louesa R. Akin, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas, and Jens Meiler
BCL::Fold protein topology determination from limited NMR restraints (2013) Proteins

Axel Fischer;Nathan Alexander, Nils Woetzel, Mert Karakas , Brian E. Weiner, Jens Meiler
BCL::MP Fold: Membrane protein structure prediction guided by EPR restraints (2015) Proteins