Rosetta Workshop 2017

Below are the updated tutorials from the Rosetta Workshop held in December 2017 at Vanderbilt University.

These tutorials have been updated to work with the recent REF2015 energy function, and are based on the Rosetta 2017.36.59679 weekly release.

These tutorials were covered during a 3-day hands-on workshop which included PowerPoint presentations and step-by-step instructions for worked examples.

Tutorial 1: Ab initio folding
Tutorial 2: RosettaCM multi-template comparative modeling
Tutorial 3: Protein-Protein docking
Tutorial 4: Protein-small molecule docking
Tutorial 5: Single and Multi-state protein design
Tutorial 6: Scaffolding and sidechain/backbone (epitope) grafting
Short talks: Input and Output, Navigating Rosetta, Rosetta Energy Function, RosettaScripts, Using experimental data