About The Meiler Lab

The Meiler Lab is uniquely located both in the United States and Germany, and is actively involved in developing the Rosetta computational modeling software suite together with 15 other laboratories in the United States. As an integral part of the Rosetta community, the Meiler lab works to better understand macromolecular interactions, design custom molecules, and develop efficient ways to search conformational and sequence space.


To enable protein structure elucidation of membrane proteins the primary target of most therapeutics and large macromolecular complexes such as viruses.


Design proteins with novel structure and/or function to explore novel approaches to protein therapeutics and deepen our understanding of protein folding pathways.


Understand the relation between chemical structure and biological activity quantitatively in order to design more efficient and more specific drugs.


Antibodies, Vaccines and Immunity

"Meiler Lab is expert in the field of structure-based reverse vaccinology. Starting from co-crystal structures of antigens and antibodies…"More DetailsCreative Solutions

Small Molecules

“Small molecules” is a vague term for all organic molecules with a molecular mass smaller than 600-800 Da. The term “small molecule…"More DetailsFinanancial Strategy

Membrane Proteins

"Membrane proteins play important roles in many biological pathways. Understanding membrane proteins may require an…"More DetailsKeyword Research

Protein Discovery and Design

"Rational protein design generates new protein macromolecules with novel functions, increased therapeutic efficacy, and novel fold patterns…"More DetailsMarketing Strategy

Personalized Structural Biology

"Personalized Structural Biology Medicine has experienced a revolution in the methods used to diagnose and treat disease. Dramatic…"More DetailsWeb Development

Diseases we cure

"Viral Infections, Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases, and many others diseases are worked on in the Meiler Lab…"More DetailsRestructuring

Recent News

Eric Bell awarded NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Meiler Lab postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Eric Bell, was awarded a highly competitive Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research...

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Zain Tariq is awarded VUSRP Research Grant

Zain Tariq, a Meiler undergraduate researcher, was selected for a 2024 Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program (VUSRP) grant from...

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Alex Eisenreich awarded the Thomas Martin award for Chemistry...

After her recent successful honors defense, Alex Eisenreich, Meiler lab undergraduate researcher, was further recognized at the annual Chemistry...

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Congratulations to Dr. Eli McDonald!

Eli McDonald passed the defense of his graduate research thesis “Structural and Proteostatic Mechanisms of Cystic Fibrosis Corrector Response.”...

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Congrats to Alex Eisenreich on successful Honors defense!

Alex Eisenreich, an undergraduate in the chemistry department and Meiler lab researcher, successfully defended her honors thesis in March....

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