Rosetta Antibody Workshop 2021

A workshop focusing on antibodies and immunogens was held on August 2-6th, 2021. Workshop materials consist of both video lectures, as well as a link to downloadable materials to complete the tutorial on your own machine. The tutorials are structured as self-paced exercises, so feel free to work on the tutorials and videos at your own pace, as your schedule permits.

The tutorials are written assuming that you will be using Rosetta version 3.13.

Workshop Materials:

Youtube Playlist of all workshop presentations. (Note that some are re-used from the 2020 Workshop.)

Self-paced instructions for the tutorials can be found within the zip file, as plain text (.md), webpage (.html) or PDF (.pdf) format.



Main Topics:

Tutorial 1: Antibody Structure Prediction
Tutorial 2: Antibody-Antigen Docking (Protein-Protein Docking)
Tutorial 3: Computational Affinity Maturation
Tutorial 4: Rosetta Antibody Design
Tutorial 5: Motif Grafting and Scaffolding
Tutorial 6: Glycan Modeling and Epitope Blocking

Short Talk Topics: