Rosetta Virtual Workshop 2020

A workshop for general Rosetta protocols was held August 24-28th, 2020. The tutorials for the workshop consisted of both video lecture as well as a link to downloadable materials to complete the tutorial on your own machine. The tutorials are structured as self-paced exercises, for participants to work on the tutorials and videos at your own pace, as your schedule permits.

The workshop materials are written for Rosetta version 3.12

Workshop Materials:

Self-paced instructions for the tutorials can be found within the zip file, as plain text (.md), webpage (.html) or PDF (.pdf) format.


Main Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: De Novo Folding
Tutorial 2: RosettaCM Comparative Modeling
Tutorial 3: Protein-Protein Docking
Tutorial 4: Small Molecule Ligand Docking
Tutorial 5: Protein Design
Tutorial 6: Using Experimental Data

Short Talk Topics: