Rosetta Workshop – Preparation

Preparing for the Workshop

UNIX Operating Systems

Workshop activities will be conducted on provided computers running Linux. It is expected that participants will have basic familiarity with the operation of the Linux command line.

Many resources for learning the Linux command line are available online. Here are some suggestions to get you started

Scripting Languages

Rosetta users often prepare input files and analyze Rosetta output models using scripts typically written in Python. While the workshop does not require the knowledge of scripting langauges, understanding the provided scripts and troubleshooting them is easier if you have familiarized yourself with Python:

Molecular Visualization Tools

You will also need a tool to visualize biomolecular structures. We will assume the use of PyMOL, but you can use any of the tools below:

Rosetta Resources

You can learn more about Rosetta using these resources:

The tutorials are based in part on on the following papers:

Materials from previous workshops can be downloaded from the Meiler Lab website.

Additional demos can be found on the RosettaCommons website.