Rosetta Workshop 2011

Below are the updated tutorials from the Rosetta Workshop, held in March 2011 at Vanderbilt University. These tutorials are based on the Rosetta 3.2.1 release version. These tutorials were covered during a 2-day hands-on workshop which included PowerPoint presentations of each topic and step-by-step instructions on working examples for ab initio folding, comparative modeling, loop building, clustering, ligand docking and protein docking.

YouTube Playlist

Introduction to Rosetta:

Topic 1: Rosetta Energy Function
Topic 2: Is this Model Good ?
Topic 3: Preparing Your Structure
Topic 4: Common File Formats in Rosetta
Topic 5: Your Rosetta First Application

Rosetta Application Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Folding
Tutorial 2: Rosetta Ligand-Docking
Tutorial 3: Comparative Modeling, Loop Building and Clustering
Tutorial 4: Protein-Protein Docking
Tutorial 5: Rosetta Enzyme Design

Additional Files from Workshop:

Associated Scripts for Rosetta 3.2 Tutorials
Complete Rosetta Tutorial Files and Scripts