Rosetta Antibody Workshop 2019

A workshop focusing on antibodies was held in April of 2019. Based on Rosetta weekly release 2019.07, this workshop included hands-on tutorials for RosettaAntibody structure prediction, antibody-antigen docking, computational affinity maturation, antibody structure redesign, glycan modeling, and epitope grafting onto scaffolds, as well as presentations on Rosetta basics.

Main Topics:

Tutorial 1: RosettaAntibody Structure Prediction
Tutorial 2: Antibody-Antigen Docking
Tutorial 3: Computational Affinity Maturation
Tutorial 4: RosettaAntibodyDesign (with Jared Adolf-Bryfogle)
Tutorial 5: Glycan Modeling (with Jared Adolf-Bryfogle)
Tutorial 6: Epitope Grafting

Short Talk Topics:

Short Talk 1: Introduction to Antibodies
Short Talk 2: Navigating Rosetta and I/O
Short Talk 3: RosettaScripts XML
Short Talk 4: Rosetta Energy Function